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Switchers & Matrix Switchers - VP-214DS

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VP-214DS, 4 Channel 2x1 Computer Graphics Standby Switcher VP214DS VP214-DS



The VP-214DS is a machine with four computer graphics switchers in one box. When configured as a standby switcher, each 2x1 switcher will switch to the secondary input upon loss of the primary input.

Typical Applications:

  • Presentation systems requiring automatic selection of the input sources.

  • Live applications to prevent systems from operating without a valid input.

  • Easy switching to an emergency channel for information systems.

  • Logo and advertising during dead-time on presentation monitors and billboards.



  • High Bandwidth - 320MHz (- 3dB).

  • Looping Inputs - 4 (one for each switcher).

  • Selectable Input Signal Termination - 4 (one for each switcher).

  • Control - Automatic, RS-232, RS-485, contact closure, and Ethernet.

  • ID Bit Control - 8 (one for each input).

  • ID Bit Control - 8 (one for each input).

  • Automatic Standby Switching - It will switch from the secondary input to the primary input when a primary signal is detected.

  • Primary Input - Selectable.

  • Front Panel Lockout.

  • Standard 19 Rack Mount Size - 1U.



INPUTS: 4 x (2 XGA + loop) on HD15F connectors  
OUTPUTS: 4 XGA on HD15F connectors  
BANDWIDTH (-3dB): 320MHz.  
DIFF. GAIN: 0.04%.  
DIFF. PHASE: 0.07 Deg.  
K-FACTOR: < 0.05%.  
S/N RATIO: 73dB.  
CROSSTALK (all hostile): 57dB @ 5MHz, 42dB @ 100MHz  
CONTROLS: 4 sets of front panel manual selector touch switches, RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet, input termination, panel lock.  
POWER SOURCE: 230VAC, 50/60 Hz (115 VAC, USA) 12VA.  
DIMENSIONS: 19 inch (W), 7 inch (D), 1U (H) rack mountable.  
WEIGHT: 2.7 kg (6 lbs.) approx.  


Power cord, Null modem adapter.  

Expandore Singapore India 230506

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