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Interfaces & Sync. Processors - FC-4044

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FC-4044, CV/s-Video to RGB & Component Decoder FC4044



The FC-4044 is a format converter for composite video or s-Video (Y/C) signals. It converts the input simultaneously to either RGBS or RGsB and component video (YUV) outputs.

Typical Applications:

  • Video production, editing, and duplication studios.

  • Professional display systems requiring format change for compatibility with switching/routing systems or display devices

  • Rental and staging.



  • Bandwidth - 5MHz (- 3dB).

  • Inputs - Composite video or s-Video (selectable).

  • Multi-Standard - PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58/ 4.43 (selectable).

  • Output Sync - RGsB or RGBS (selectable).

  • Standard 19 Rack Mount Size - 1U.



INPUTS: 1 composite video - 1Vpp/75Ω on a BNC connector.1 YC: 1Vpp/75Ω (Luma), 0.3Vpp/75Ω (Chroma) on a 4p type connector.  
OUTPUTS: 1 component - (Y, R-Y, B-Y) 1V, 0.7V, 0.7Vpp/75Ω on BNC connectors.1 RGB: 0.7Vpp/75Ω, for 100% saturation, on BNC connectors.Composite sync - 2Vpp/75Ω, negative polarity.  
K-FACTOR: 1.2 %.  
CONTROL: Standards selection by front touch switches, automatic or manually forced. Composite/YC front touch switch selection. Green/green + sync and HUE control (NTSC only) via front touch switches.  
DC CLAMP ERROR: +/- 20 mV.  
RESIDUAL SC: Composite to Y=30mV, YC to Y = 15mV.  
POWER SOURCE: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, (115VAC, U.S.A.) 6.9 VA.  
DIMENSIONS: 19 inch (W), 7 inch (D), 1U (H) rack mountable.  
WEIGHT: 2.6 kg. (5.8 lbs.) approx.  
ACCESSORIES: Power cord.  

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