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482, Balanced/Unbalanced Stereo Audio Transcoder 



The 482 is an audio transcoder for balanced and unbalanced audio signals. It simultaneously converts balanced stereo audio signals on terminal block connectors to unbalanced stereo audio and unbalanced stereo audio signals to balanced stereo audio on terminal block connectors.

Typical Applications:

  • Video and audio production facilities

  • Audio recording studios, live sound applications.



  • Bi-directional Format Conversion - Balanced stereo audio to unbalanced stereo audio and unbalanced stereo audio to balanced stereo audio simultaneously.

  • S/N Ratio - 82dB (balanced to unbalanced), un-weighted.

  • Compact Size - Part of the Kramer TOOLS™ family of compact, high quality and cost effective solutions.



INPUTS: 1 unbalanced audio stereo, up to 26 Vpp/27kΩ on RCA connectors. 1 balanced audio stereo, up to 25 Vpp/18kΩ on detachable terminal blocks.  
OUTPUTS: 1 balanced audio stereo, up to 26 Vpp/50Ω on detachable terminal blocks. 1 unbalanced audio stereo, up to 25 Vpp/100Ω on RCA connectors.  
VIDEO BANDWIDTH (-3dB): 50kHz.  
GAIN RANGE: -13 to + 5.2 dB (Unbal. to Bal.), -51 to + 6 dB (Bal. to Unbal.) with underside accessible trimmers  
S/N RATIO: 82 dB (balanced to unbalanced), unweighted.  
THD+NOISE: 0.013%.  
2nd HARMONIC: 0.001%.  
DIMENSIONS: 12cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm (4.7” x 2.95” x 0.98”, W, D, H.).  
POWER SOURCE: 12 VDC, 150mA.  
WEIGHT: 0.3 kg (0.66 lbs.) approx.  
ACCESSORIES: Power supply, mounting bracket  
OPTIONS: Model VA-50P power supply with six 12VDC outlets, RK-T1, RK-T3, 19” rack adapters.  

Expandore Singapore India 310306

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