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AV-452 photo

Presentation Mixer/Amplifier

Main Features

Four microphone channels

With phantom power, 60-mm faders, gain, mute and 3-band EQ

A/V channel with video switching

Inputs for two audio sources and three audio/video sources

60-mm faders, gain, dim and 3-band EQ

Record monitor control for dubbing between sources

Motorized room volume control

Built-in digital power amplifier

100 Watts per side at 8 Ohms, operates from 4-16 Ohms

Headphone output with level control

100 mW per side at 68 Ohms, 6.3-mm TRS connector

Universal learning remote control included

Buttons for AV-452, projector power and A/V components



Capable of projector switching

AV-452 unit learns IR codes to be transmitted to projector for switching between input sources

Capable of bi-directional control

Relay control port for direct connection of buttons and LEDs

Serial port (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485) for connection of a media control system

Parallel port

Integrates with building communication systems

12V/24V/70V constant voltage input with mute and gate

EMG input mutes AV-452 when emergency alarm is detected

Room for growth & enhanced operation

Balanced line output for using external amplifiers

Balanced cascade input for adding more sources via a second AV-452 or other mixer or for driving another power amplifier

Microphone group insert for dynamic processing or splitting signals

Meeting record output for documenting meeting minutes


inputs and outputs
Composite inputs (AUX IN, VCR IN, DVD IN) RCA, 75Ohm, 1Vpp
S-Video inputs (VCR IN, DVD IN) 4-pin mini-DIN, 75 Ohm , 1Vpp
Composite outputs (VCR OUT, MONITOR OUT) RCA, 75 Ohm , 1Vpp
S-Video outputs (VCR OUT, MONITOR OUT) 4-pin mini-DIN, 75 Ohm , 1Vpp
RGB 2 IN 15-pin D-sub female
RGB 2 THRU 15-pin D-sub female
Audio inputs
Microphone inputs XLR and barrier strips
  Input impedance 2.2kOhm
  Input level -60dBu (GAIN at maximum) to -27dBu (GAIN at minimum)
  Phantom power +48V (global for 4 channels)
  OL indicator Lights at 10dB above nominal level
  Filter 80Hz HPF, switchable global for 4 channels
Cassette, CD-RW, VCR, DVD, Aux inputs RCA (unbalanced)
  Input impedance 47kOhm
  Nominal input level -10dBV (-7.8dBu)
Microphone group insert 6.3-mm TRS jack
  Send (tip), Output impedance 100Ohm
  Send, Nominal level -10dBV (-7.8dBu)
  Send, Maximum level +15dBV (+17.2dBu)
  Return (sleeve), Input impedance 10kOhm
  Return, Nominal level -10dBV (-7.8dBu), 21dB headroom
Cascade input XLR (balanced)
  Input impedance 10kOhm
  Input level +4dBu
Intercom input Barrier strip
  Constant voltage /Impedance 70V/40kOhm, 24V/12kOhm or 12V/4.7kOhm
Audio outputs
Cassette, CD-RW, VCR outputs RCA (unbalanced)
  Output impedance 100 Ohm
  Nominal output level -10dBV (-7.8dBu)
  Maximum output level +10.8dBV (+13dBu)
Line output XLR (balanced)
  Output impedance 100Ohm
  Nominal output level +4dBu
  Maximum output level +23dBu
Recording output (MEETING) RCA (unbalanced)
  Output impedance 100Ohm
  Nominal output level -10dBV (-7.8dBu)
  Maximum output level +15dBV (+17.2dBu)
Phones output 6.3-mm stereo jack
  Maximum output power 100mW + 100mW (68Ohm), control at maximum
Speaker outputs Binding posts
  Load impedance 8Ohm
  Rated output power 80W + 80W (1kHz, 1%, 8Ohm)
  Maximum output power 100W +100W (EIA, JAITA)
Other inputs
Emergency input 5Vrms
Audio performance
Frequency response
  MIC IN to INSERT SEND 20Hz 20kHz +1.0/-2.0dB
  LINE IN to LINE OUT 20Hz 20kHz +1.0/-2.0dB
  LINE IN to MEETING OUT 20Hz 20kHz +1.0/-2.0dB
  LINE IN to LINE sources out) 20Hz 20kHz +1.0/-2.0dB
  LINE IN to PHONES OUT 50Hz 20kHz +1.0/-2.0dB
THD (nominal level, 1kHz, DIN)
  LINE IN to LINE sources out 0.03%
Noise level (DIN Audio+A)  
  (GAIN: MAX, EIN, 150-Ohm terminated)
  LINE IN to LINE OUT -72dBV (-70dBu)
  LINE IN to LINE sources out -72dBV (-70dBu)
  LINE IN to MEETING OUT -72dBV (-70dBu)
  LINE IN to PHONES OUT -70dBV (-68dBu)
Crosstalk (1kHz) 60dB, L/R
65dB, Input channels
Speaker outputs
Noise level (DIN Audio +A)  
  ROOM VOLUME at max,
  MIC faders at min, inputs shorted
  ROOM VOLUME at min 1.2mV
Signal-to-noise ratio (DIN Audio+A) 70dB (output of 50W)
Power supply and other specifications
Power requirements 100V AC, 50-60Hz
120V AC, 60Hz
230V AC, 50Hz
240V AC, 50Hz
Power consumption 125W
Peak inrush current 16A
Applicable electromagnetic environment E4
Dimensions (W xHxD) 482 x 144 x 371mm
Weight 11.3kg
Supplied accessories RC-452 remote control unit
2 x AAA dry cell batteries
Power cord
Rack mounting kit


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