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Panasonic DVCPRO Tapes    1/4'' Metal Particle Tape

DV Tapes , MiniDv Tapes


Model No. Length Max. Rec. Time
AJ-5P92LP 377 m 92 min.
AJ-P126LP 259 m 126 min.
AJ-P94LP 194 m 94 min.
AJ-P66LP 137 m 66 min.
AJ-P34LP 72 m 34 min.
AJ-P66MP 137 m 66 min.
AJ-P46MP 96 m 46 min.
AJ-P33MP 70 m 33 min.
AJ-P24MP 51 m 24 min.
AJ-P12MP 27 m 12 min.
AJ-CL12L Cleaning Tape (27 m, 12 min.)
AJ-CL12M Cleaning Tape (27 m, 12 min.)


Tape Width 6.35 mm
Tape Thickness 8.5 Ám (6.5 Ám)*
Magnetic Layer 0.2 Ám (0.2 Ám)*
Undercoating Layer 0.1 Ám (0.1 Ám)*
Base 6.5 Ám (4.5 Ám)*
Backcoat 0.4 Ám (0.4 Ám)*
Intrinsic Coercivity 183 kA/m (2300 Oe)
Retentivity (Br) 370 mT(3700 Gauss)
Squareness Ratio 0.86 G

DVCPRO50 Cassette Tape
This cassette should only be used in the DVCPPRO50.
DVCPRO Tapes  PDF (104KB) Packing list          Consumer's Price list

DVCPRO tape incorporates newly developed ultrafine, high-energy metal magnetic particles that are smaller than the particles in conventional tape. These particles not only make a thinner magnetic layer possible, they also boast superb magnetic characteristics thanks to Panasonic's original "slanted deposition" technology, which embeds the particles directly into the tape in an extremely dense formation. The result is magnetic energy output that's over 200 percent higher and C/N characteristics that are 8 dB higher than with conventional tape.

This high-performance tape supports DVCPRO's high-density digital recording, which delivers exceptional picture and sound quality.

The surface of DVCPRO tape features Panasonic's ultra-flat base film and advanced calendering techniques, which eliminate space loss and micro-dropouts. Its structure also prevents the permeation of oxide substances. A lubricant is applied to the tape surface, helping ensure trouble-free newsgathering even in bitter cold and other extreme conditions.

These features give DVCPRO tape an extremely smooth surface, outstanding durability, long shelf life, and stable tape transportability. This ultra-thin tape is also excellent for high-speed searching.

DV Tape

Mini-DV Tape

Standard Tape (Left)
 Master Series Tape (Right)

Model no


AY-DVM33PQ  33min Mini DV Professional Quality Tape
AY-DVM63PQ  63min Mini DV Professional Quality Tape
AY-DVM83PQ  83min Mini DV Professional Quality Tape
AY-DVM63MQ  63min Mini DV Master Quality Tape
AY-DVM83MQ  83min MiniDV Master Quality Tape
AY-DVMCLC  Mini DV Cleaning Tape
AY-DV96PQ  96min DV Single Professional Quality Tape
AY-DV124PQ  124min DV Single Professional Quality Tape
AY-DV186PQ  186min DV Single Professional Quality Tape
AY-DV96PMQ  96min DV Single Master Quality Tape
AY-DV124MQ  124min DV Single Master Quality Tape
AY-DV186MQ  186min DV Single Master Quality Tape
AY-DV276MQ  276min DV Single Master Quality Tape
AY-DVCLB  DV L Cleaning Tape
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