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XL1S   They're one of its kind, extraordinary and yes simply amazing. Canon's EF lenses are designed to match each photographer's individual approach to photography, providing superior optical performance, high quality auto focus and superb operability. Not forgetting our Speedlite Flashes, which will simply leave you, dazzled.
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Wide Angle lenses
View the world with a wide perspective.
Standard lenses
What you see is what you get.
Telephoto lenses
Get into the excitement of action.
Zoom lenses
Produce innovative photographs with a variety of angles of view and perspective.
Macro lenses
Discover the beauty of the small things in life.
Tilt & Shift lenses
Tilt and shift the perspective anyway you like it.
Multiply the focal length.
Speedlite Flashes
Emits the perfect amount of light for your shoot.


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